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Well folks, after years of faithful service its time for this tittle larvae to break free from its little cocoon and emerge for the next phase of it life. The new Animation Resource Center is up and ready for action.

Hopefully subscribers will want to do the same for the new ARC and can do so by click on this pic.

I'll see you there.

New Millenium Muybridge - Movement Reference

Go to the BBC!

The BBC Motion Gallery is an excellent resource for video referencing all types of movement. Things like: butterflies landing on a crocodile's head, scurrying rats, Muhammad Ali boxing (speaking of butterflies) ...


So whats up!?!?!?

Well you may have noticed I haven't been posing much of late. That's because I have been cooking up the next step in the ARCs evolution. I've decided that instead of just adding to the now massive amount of animation information on the net, I think what is really needed is some way of helping people who want to learn about animation navigate their way to the information that best helps them.

The new ARC will be a constantly updated set of links to the best free online resources, those resources will be categorised to help you find the information you want. There will also be a reference page where you can see and study some of the great online animation available.

Once I get it filled up to a minimum level I will start a separate page called New Additions, then whenever I add something new to a category I will link to it in a new post there. That means you will be able to subscribe to the New Additions page and keep up to date on any new goodies I find. I also hope that this will be where we can get lots of comments and have good discussions without necessarily cluttering up the reference section.

The categories down the left side are just a work in progress at this stage, I keep thinking of new things to add so I imagine it still has some evolving to do.

When I get at least one thing in each category I will swap its URL over with this one and we will get back into action. In the mean time you can drop by and have a look by clicking on the pick (not that there is much to see apart from the basic layout). Also feel free to leave a comment about your favourite educational online resources so I can make sure they are linked to where appropriate :)

11 Second Club - View & Vote

The 11SecondClub is a good online resource for animators gone rusty or those wanting to enhance their show reel with a dialogue/ character acting animation sequence.

Don your berets and scarves, an SBIT student has entered 11SecondClub (again). Voting on the animation entries will occur over this weekend.

Some of the comments listed are from the January 2008 competition (the post has been recycled - Save the trees!).

Persepolis - A chance to see it in Brisbane @ BIFF

The acclaimed, Oscar nominated, 2007 French feature animation "Persepolis" is one of the showcase films at the Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF).

Matt, one of our international contributers, rates the film highly in his comments on the Kung Fu Panda topic.

It's playing on Friday 1 August, 12pm (lunch), and Friday 8 August, 7pm at The Regent, Cinema 3. Entry is $13.50 for full time students.

Jason Ryan ~ Webinars with a major studio Supervising Animator

Find out more about the webinars Jason Ryan is a supervising animator at major feature film studios. His resume includes working at Disney and Dreamworks.

Australian animators have the opportunity to discuss animation topics and solve animation problems in a series of live webinars.

Second year students at SBIT, just think about it... What a great way to continue building your show reel / demo reel after graduation. Each month potentially having an improved animation piece to replace student stumblings.

Other Jason Ryan posts on the ARC (find out why this bunch of Brisbane animation students are so excited*). Find out more about Jason Ryan.

*Ian said (previously), "I’m chuffed that there is a way we can teach 3D and keep drawing central to the process. Thankyou Jason Ryan. :)"

Cost of War

As I continue to consider the role of the ARC in the universe (i.e. can it offer anything that isn't repeated in other places), I'm finding it hard to locate things that inspire me to post. At least this super simple piece of Motion Graphics says something I agree with.

Found at: No Fat Clips

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

An article brought to my attention by friend of the ARC Kristi who is back working Animal Logic in Sydney.

Lovesong ~ James Fearn-Wannan

Lovesong on VimeoCreative Industries Award for Best Film: 2007
Graduating Class of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

The animator's show reel is linked to his web site.

Flash Animated Websites

The SBIT 2nd Year Animators are about to start to build their own personal websites. Could you, dear reader, share some inspiring examples of Flash animated websites that could kickstart their creativity?

Note that we want to see sites that incorporate some swish animation INTO the design of the site - not, say, static websites wherein the user clicks a button that opens a movie in a new window.

I'll start by offering the website of Disney's Little Einsteins (one of my current favourite shows - love those simple vectors).
And here are some fantastic examples of sites made by recent SBIT graduates...
Know any more? Sure you do! Please share...

Yellow Sticky Notes

A little self indulgent but way cool nun the less.

Found at: Ticklebooth

Home Sick

I see the work of the new After Effects pin tool in this haunting and unnerving short film.

Found at: No Fat Clips


I got to tell you, I am in love with these small(ish) commercial studios who make short films on the side. They go places that their big feature making cousins fear to tread, exploring looks, concepts and themes that are fresh and original. Studio AKA are probably my favourite of all, and a preview for their new short film Varmints is up online. If your new to the work of Studio AKA you should stop by their updated web site, so much cool stuff, they are truly top shelf.

The Power of Totoro

Over 1000 top international artists have donated their work to the Totoro Forest Project, a charity organised to save the very forest that inspired Miyazaki to make one of (Aww what the hell) the best animated movies ever.

Acting choices for key poses

What do you think of the acting choices in this animation?

Do the key poses/ frames communicate clearly?

CHEVisodes "Stressing Out"

The file is a Quicktime movie so you can study it frame-by-frame, which is really fun!

Brothers Mcleod - Sticks - 'High Noon'

The Brothers Mcleod are innovative animators from the UK.

This is a YouTube clip, so if you can't view it @ school there's more about The Brothers Mcleod here and here.

What did you think of the film?


For years now I've been thoroughly entertained by the short films, game promos and ads from the Blur animation studio. So it warms my heart to hear that they have won a crack at a feature film. This article in Hollywood Reporter says they will be working on a film adaptation of the comic book The Goon.

I'm sure you have seen much of it before but check out some of Blur's fine work.
Gopher Broke - A Gentleman’s Duel - In the rough
And some of their game promo's
Warhammer - Empire earth III - Transformers

Cacul Mental

What do you think is the story in this French student animation? Do you need to understand French to understand the story?

If you understood the story, but not the spoken language, how was it told?

Benjamin Benouy, one of the animators, was a student who recently graduated from the college Emile Cohl. Check out some more of the work from Ecole Emile Cohl.

White Water Hymnal

Mmmm nice nice nice.

AM Webinar - demo reel dos and don'ts

Carlos Baena has a webinar up for Animation Mentor that is all about the best way to make a demo reel. A must see for students so drop by and watch it here!

Recent ARC post about show reel design with links to all the ARC resources on creating show reels.