Animation Employment and Showreels

Employment HellI found an interesting, top secret document online that I thought I would share with just the readers of this blog. Only you. If you want to stay in your current employment hell, then don't read this.
There's stuff in it that starts off by saying, "You've just finished the course, you're all fired up and want to unleash your brilliance on the whole world..."

For the second years in the SBIT animation course the final semester looms. Some thoughts are turned to what we want to do in 2009. The first years have already built up quite a remarkable store of animation related work in just one semester. Well done. Will some of it appear on your showreel?

Design your showreel using the wealth of knowledge hidden in the ARC.


Dana said...

Wow...awsome score Ian! It's funny seeing their application form cause I just finished watching flushed away :p
I'm trying to think of a profound and really cool thing to say but nothings coming out.
So i leave you with " That's awsome!"

Yup...very profound and cool words =D

Ian said...

Hey Dana

You are right in that this is a great post, but it was posted by ElFranko, he deserves the thanks :)

Dana said...

Whoops...Didn't read who posted it. Sorry Frank, all credit that went to Ian before is now being diverted over to you ^___^

Great findings Frank!

frank said...

I liked "Flushed Away" as well.

Tonight I have the making of The Jungle Book DVD (40th anniversary edition).

"Over the Fence" (featured in Ian's famous "Shot flow" ARC post), and "Open Season" because the lady in the bookshop recommended it when I was purchasing Richard Williams's text*.

* Now that we have keen first years I can't just waltz into the TAFE library any more to get that copy.

So that means I've got animation represented by Sony, Dreamworks and Golden Age Disney. Oops no Pixar!

I got Jungle Book because Richard Williams writes about it in the intro to his book. He writes about how the tiger and panther move.

After that I'll do a search of the ARC for Jungle Book references - I know I've seen some.

No kudos or cooties for me thanks, Ian's the Guru.