In terms of the different looks and feels that can be achieved with 3D animation, this film covers more ground in 12 mins than the main stream 3D feature film industry has covered in the last 10 years.

And for once its nice not to be pointing out great art direction for a film where the animation isn't that great. Not only dose this film look amazing, in every shot the character moves with weight and attitude. Best online work I've seen in a while.


frank said...

It's interesting to see that the director studied as a scientist and then got into animation via the Gobelins school in Paris.

[Everything, all the animation compass neeedles I check, is pointing toward Paris! (also went and checked out the Picasso exhhibition at GoMA yesterday. More Paris!)]

Then there's this interesting quote: "...though it has been nine years since his graduation, Remi considers himself still studying and still learning."

An interesting insight on working on a project alone: "As I went further into the project, it started becoming an obsession until it was completed."..."It was definitely harder being one person working on it without any help or assistance. I have spent two years of my life in a tiny apartment in Paris working on this project, I had to flee that apartment after that."

Ian sometimes talks of the importance of working in a team, or a studio, to get animation finished. Or more likely, to maintain one's sanity, and skills as a social animal.

I think there is a fantasy that many animation students possess of locking themselves away, on their own with only their own genius idea and producing a masterpiece.

After a year and a half of evolution in our course, I realise that getting down to the pub after some intense animation or too long in the 'zone' is a healthy reality check.

Or am I mistaken?

frank said...

Unfortunately, I couldn't see all of the Remi Gamiette film due to lack of download speed on my part.

The running and jumping across a large space sequence is something we often see in Gobelins Annecy openers. Maybe worth a thought for a show reel?

He must have used some video reference for the acting. Such nice movement.

The film is a visual feast. A mix of textures, colours, camera angles. Such dedication and hard work.

It looks like he's touring festivals with it now.

Tiffer said...

I think animators should do some sort of acting classes! That would be great!!