Jason Ryan ~ Webinars with a major studio Supervising Animator

Find out more about the webinars Jason Ryan is a supervising animator at major feature film studios. His resume includes working at Disney and Dreamworks.

Australian animators have the opportunity to discuss animation topics and solve animation problems in a series of live webinars.

Second year students at SBIT, just think about it... What a great way to continue building your show reel / demo reel after graduation. Each month potentially having an improved animation piece to replace student stumblings.

Other Jason Ryan posts on the ARC (find out why this bunch of Brisbane animation students are so excited*). Find out more about Jason Ryan.

*Ian said (previously), "I’m chuffed that there is a way we can teach 3D and keep drawing central to the process. Thankyou Jason Ryan. :)"


frank said...

The first webinar with Jason is on the 24th of August (in San Francisco). That makes it Monday morning 5am, on August 25th for Brisbane animators.

There'll be some discussion about animating an animal character with 4 legs.

I hope to see some of my class mates on the webinar chat.

frank said...

It's less than $AUS 9 to sit in on these master classes. That's a cheap gym membership for your animation brain.

That means, in your student budget, drinking one less jug of beer per month on 'Thursday Pub Day.'

I know Zac will struggle with this.

Jason Ryan said...

Here's a taste of what is in store: "There are so many topics that I want to cover, like Moving Holds, Story Boarding versus Leica Reels, animating moving pans, going from inspiration to fleshed out performances, experimenting with different Timings, developing your stick figure short hand for quick performance solving and going from Stick Figures to final 3D shots. I will also be talking about how to approach lip sync from a 2D graphic perspective, finding the Golden Poses and why it's so important to concentrate on Textured Timings in your animation."

angus said...

It sounds like a lot of topics will be covered, which is great

is there a limit of how many people can do the webinars... meaning is it first best dressed, and everyone else misses out?

frank said...

Yes, there is a limit for the number of attendees. That is so the system can cope.

Yes, it is first in first served.

Some may miss out.

The replays won't be free, as they are for the couple of AM webinars. But they will be available for paid up registrants, if you sleep a bit thru your alarm clock.

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