Persepolis - A chance to see it in Brisbane @ BIFF

The acclaimed, Oscar nominated, 2007 French feature animation "Persepolis" is one of the showcase films at the Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF).

Matt, one of our international contributers, rates the film highly in his comments on the Kung Fu Panda topic.

It's playing on Friday 1 August, 12pm (lunch), and Friday 8 August, 7pm at The Regent, Cinema 3. Entry is $13.50 for full time students.


MattG said...

I hope you get the original French-language-with-subtitles version. While reading the words may distract from the animation a bit, the original French is beautiful, as well as being the way it was intended. :)

I noticed they're also screening Sita Sings The Blues, which is an independent animated feature, done in Flash I believe, that I'm dying to see. August 8th, 5pm, at The Regent. Wish I could go.

I hope anyone who goes does enjoy Persepolis. If you want to wear your animator's hat while you're there, watch for the way the black & white is used as an asset, silhouette (especially in the protest scenes), and the stylized simplified characters. But also just enjoy the film. :)

Sita and Rama said...

Sita Sings The Blues @ BIFF

frank said...

Hi Matt

Thanks for your comments. The previews that were shown (I was out to watch 'The Dark Knight'), were in French with subtitles.

I didn't know there was an English dubbed version but then I note that Sony Picture Classics may distribute the film as well.

'Sita Sings The Blues' is a good call as well. I wonder if anyone else will dig up some animation gems at BIFF?

It might be worth getting a festival pass.

Jane H said...

"Hi Frank, Yes I saw this too.

Also next Monday at 2.10pm at the Regent in the city, there is a showcase of animation shorts called interestingly enough "Animate' or something like.

I have arranged to go to this with the first years. I would like to go next Monday, but am not sure how popular it may be, I'll keep trying - some of these screenings do end up being quite popular and get booked out, so I'm not sure what tickets are available at the door on the day."

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Kristi said...

For those Australians who don't get to go to BIFF, don't despair. Persepolis is due for wide release on August 21st.