Pedro & Frankensheep

The Brothers McLeod have been making animation for the wibbly web for some time now. They featured in an earlier post here. Now they have made a show for the BBC, and here is one of the episodes.


animation student said...

The sheep's named 'Frank'. Mary Shelley has a lot to answer for.

The design is reminiscent of late 1980's Mambo leisureware.

Once again the support characters steal the show. Those Mexican ticks are funny!

Some nice original ideas like when he slaps his reflection that has fallen asleep in the mirror.

I notice they avoided the coffee mania cliche. Even though they were probably drinking it by the gallon.

There's a couple of good limited animation 'cheats' in there: The sheep flying with little wings rather than a walk cycle, or the piston pumping legs under a motion tween.

There's some other stuff for student notes as well; the animators stuck true to their design and style, got the film finished and marketed. Now they are rich beyond our wildest imaginings.

frank said...

Their Ninja Dance Party stuff may interest students looking at moving to music and in "Fist of Fuggy" a monster does a great creeping walk cycle.

plough inn said...

These guys are just brill.

Their "Spamland" experimental animations are based on an original concept. They take the script from those spam emails with arbritary bits of text in them and make 30 second to 2.5 minute animations.

They even credit the bogus spam name as the scriptwriter, noting down the date and time they were sent the email.

Add that to the characteristic drawing style and weird sound effects and the result is hypnotic, if not a bit trippy.

Then there's the ninja stuff for the ninjas out there. It's all compliled @ .

If 2nd years are looking for inspiration for a show reel showing animation ability, AND an idea on how to present it online. Fuggy is a fun place to start.

Thanks Ian for opening the door to this stuff~!