Easy Man V2

Earlier this break I made a rig for students to use called Easy Man. Just to see how it would go I put him up on the Highend3d web site. He copped some pretty heavy criticism, and while it hurt, some of it was true. So I've been back to the drawing board, I'm working on version 2, and thought I'd share this little test animation with you.

I've gotten rid of a pesky illegal cycle warning from the stretchy limbs, and has set all of his components so that you can reset their position by changing the Translate and rotate values to zero in the channel box. I've also added a face with relevant controls so we can practice dialogue scenes.

At the moment I'm grappling with a bug in the face blend shapes, when you combine to many at once he gets an ugly wrinkle across his nose, in an area where I haven't touched the vertexes on any of the target shapes. Snu? Anyway I'll continue to fiddle, I have a sneaking suspicion I'll have to re-setup the blend shapes from scratch. Hopefully I'll have him ready to go soon.


frank said...

What's Snu? Do we get that in Australia. Anyhow, I look forward to getting EasyManTu to help teach me a bit more about 3D.

Lisa said...

"Snu?" what's this new fangled lingo you are into Ian? it's like w00t and LoL is it??

anyways, thanks for mr. EasyMan...I've started playing with him ,and yeah I noticed that wrinkle in the blendshapes too- Might be just one vertex that has the tiniest amount of weighting on it, ....just check the verteces again..

frank said...

Hi Ian

My internet connection is pretty crap and I'm not sure if the QT movie is a big file?

The link didn't dowload anything for me (in a timely manner) so I searched on blip.tv.

http://blip.tv/file/610578/, but I only see him in a dejected pose at the start.

Is there a smaller file size version to look at the test?

Clayton McIntosh said...

I've been mucking around with the easy man.... and you know what? Hes really easy. Well kinda... in comparison to evey other free rig downloaded off the net. Im trying a 11secondclub thing with him (assuming ian don't mind).