Vancouver Film School

OK the pic is a hook. But I had to capture Zac's and Cory's (SBIT students) combined attentions. The film shot is from a student show reel at the VFS. It looks a lot like what many in my class draw. But can you animate it? It's worth a look to see what they produced.

It's interesting to me, as a student, to see other student work and how the courses are structured compared to ours. And I like the tune in these words, "No matter the potency of today's technology, the core elements of animation remain constant: character, environment, and motion."

You can see more of the VFS animations here and 3D animation here.

VFS traditional animation facilities and equipment (pictures) How does your school compare? Where is Vancouver?


frank said...

Hey Ian. Oh verdant sage.

We know about Gobelins and the College of Emil Cohl (hope I spelled that correct?) in France. There's University of West England in Bristol UK and AnimationMentor on the web.

What are some other animation schools we could look at, that turn out the goods, in posts? SBIT? QCA? QUT? Something from Vicco?

animation student said...

Ooo check out their fancy line tester!

Our studio has space and natural light and 50 line testers made by Terry!

Ian said...

I think you have been a far more attentive observer of the world of animation schools than I Frank. I've just been to bussy trying to get kids to do loose drawings, with a line of action and emotion.

I think I've got the pre kick off jitters, I'd settle for just getting the basics communicated for now.

Today I finished off what I hope will be my last video tutorial for a long time, there are now over 100 covering motion principles, character animation, 3D (modelling, rigging, texturing, animating) and Motion Graphics with After FX. I'm so sick of the sound of my own voice.

To me that linetester looks old and clunky, bigger isn't always better.

Ian said...

You know what I'm thinking now?

None of this matters. When Bradman wanted to be the best batsman in the world he would practice by hitting a golf ball against the side of a corigated iron water tank with a single cricket stump. Today they have the Australian Institute of Sport, computer analysis, dietitions, physios and so on. Still no-one can beat his records.

Students need to look inside to find the way to being great animators. (oooh deep) Some good old fationed get stuck in, work your arse off, don't take no for an answer, never settle for second best determination.

Theres no point trying to be clever so that I avoid sounding corny, it is what it is, an undisputable fact. No matter where they are, what equipment they have, or who is teaching, the hardest workers become the best animators.

frank said...

Saw the film Juno last night. It was set in Vancouver. Nup, it wasn't an animated film. So I guess I start with negative points at the start of semester?

frank said...


Sitting down and animating. Has to come from within. I agree.

I think each student should be allocated a set of blinkers at the start of semester to help focus our attention to a task. The blinkers are a physical metaphor for sit down and animate! A tactile reminder to work since chaining us to the desks may meet a hurdle in the do-gooder admin department.

The goggs could be tagged as 'safety goggles' in the WPH&S budget. We could where them down to the Plough Inn after 3D (and I could where them riding around on my scooter so I don't see the stoplight gestures from the 4WD tankdrivers).

LT: But Ian their line tester looks like it has a focussy thingo that might get better light balance in the PNGs to help layering action in Monkey Jam.

frank said...

I'm just on the Blackboard portal working through some of the video tutes (Character Animation). They're great! Thanks Ian. They are really well done.