I got to tell you, I am in love with these small(ish) commercial studios who make short films on the side. They go places that their big feature making cousins fear to tread, exploring looks, concepts and themes that are fresh and original. Studio AKA are probably my favourite of all, and a preview for their new short film Varmints is up online. If your new to the work of Studio AKA you should stop by their updated web site, so much cool stuff, they are truly top shelf.


animation_student said...

I think these types of stories will define the start of the century.

Ian said...

Alas I fear this era is more likely to be remembered for the "You Can Do It" stories that dominate the feature film industry at this time.

Still I surpose there may be a difference between what will be remembered and what will "define" an era.

The problem is that this film is unlikely to be noticed at all by anyone outside of the industry and the film seftival culture ( that almost everyone). Everyone has been lulled into a state of apathy, content to absorb and reabsorb the same thing over and over. But I won't get started on that again :)

I surpose there is only so much we can tell about the story from a preview too. But I love the look, the character design and the dark themes.

frank said...

I really liked the other animated film that you featured in an ARC post, JoJo in the stars.

The designers have an ominous style and sweet sstorytelling timing. I look forwrd to see all of Varmints in September.