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What do you think is the story in this French student animation? Do you need to understand French to understand the story?

If you understood the story, but not the spoken language, how was it told?

Benjamin Benouy, one of the animators, was a student who recently graduated from the college Emile Cohl. Check out some more of the work from Ecole Emile Cohl.


Ian said...

For a student its very original. Its also something that many animators (including myself) would be able to relate to.

Although it was spelling that was (and is) my nemesis. In case you hadn't noticed :)

It was well told too. Like so many student films it was mainly just a gag. But somehow it didn't feel as staged as many. Maybe the way it just lept into the situation.

frank said...

Unfortunately for modern society there is a magic genie called "Spell Check" that gets us all spelling like Americans instead of like the Queen.

We've talked before, in class, about how students learn, and the interesting observation that animation students respond better to images than words. That's the way we're wired up. So the spelling thing is testament to the fact that you are a great animator!

Back to French animation students...

The Benjamin Benouy student animation on the Ecole Emile Cohl* video page is a good example of running (it's an escape sequence - not quite as spectacular as Kung Fu Panda's ;) )

The film is called "Sur le fil - Razor Hedge". It's in the 2008 section. The promo in there with the fox being chased is worth a viewing as well.

*the link is in the original post, if the one in the comment (above) doesn't work

animation_student said...

As an animation teacher, how do you get through to students?

Ian said...

Yelling and swearing, lots of yelling and swearning :)

frank said...

So kiddies, and class mates (including animation_student), that's why it's best to ask Ian questions via email. It doesn't hurt your ears as much. :D

It's raining. That means it's time to watch some animation. But only if your animating fuel tank is empty and needs topping up.

. The link works now.

Terry said...

Lovely little film! I love the soft pastel-ly colour scheme.

(I know pastel-ly isn't a word, but it should be!)

Regarding to "How do you get through to students?" question... I've come to learn that long blocks of text are not a good idea.

I'm still searching for a more definitive answer, though!