White Water Hymnal

Mmmm nice nice nice.


frank said...

Nice music. It was about winter wasn't it.

I wonder what Zac thinks about the bunch of hippies?

Mr. Saeton said...

Hippies! Dirty tree huggin hippies!

This is what happens when hippies are given control over time... they go on psychodelic freak outs!

The stop motion was very nice though. I wonder if the choice to have them sitting down was just to make the animating easier?

Still, credit where credit's due.

Oh and frank, if you call me a hippy becasue of my hair length... what will be said about you and your beard? It's pretty suspicious, if you ask me.

frank said...


Ian said...

Niether of you do anywhere near enough hugging to be hippies as far as I'm concerned.

Dognam Hippy said...

Hey man, it's been awhile. But I've got sunshine on a cloudy day. War, what is it good for? All we need is love. We're all star dust. Peace and hugs.