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Well folks, after years of faithful service its time for this tittle larvae to break free from its little cocoon and emerge for the next phase of it life. The new Animation Resource Center is up and ready for action.

Hopefully subscribers will want to do the same for the new ARC and can do so by click on this pic.

I'll see you there.


Kristi said...

So... does this mean that no more time will be spent updating this original blog? No more Ian's Rants? I appreciate what you are doing with the new ARC, Ian, and it's an excellent idea, but I wasn't expecting a whole new blog?

Terry said...

That's right I-Man... the new site doesn't look like it'll allow for the rants that we all know and love!

Kristi said...

sorry, sorry! I meant "ramblings" of course, not "rants"! :D

Ian said...

Basically everything that I used to post here that is not a link to a learning resource will go in the reference section of the new arc. Comments are turned on there and there is no reason why we can’t have the same rants and debates. Even new content for the resource section will be posted there. At the moment it is just full of links to films because I copied a few of my favourites over from here, but I think I will still be expressing opinions there.

That having been said, I have found that there are just so many perhaps more informed opinions and thoughts out there than mine these days, and I think I'm just adding to the confusion for many.

You guys are both old friends so you equate a different value to my rants than I think the average reader would. If you want to hear me rant I'd rather it happen with you over a bear at the pub or on the phone. For others I suspect it’s often a case of, who is this guy? I'm not a Jason Ryan or Shawn Kelly with a Disney Feature Animator or ILM animator next to my name.

Maybe it will just take a while for the new ARC to take the shape I want, and I doubt I will be able to contain my rant for too long.

If you subscribe via the button on this post, or the one on the front page of the new site, you will be kept up to date with all new content. Rants, films and resource links.

Ian said...

I've already made a change, what was originally called the Reference section of the new ARC is now called Community, which probably encompasses what I had in mind a little better.

Categorizing thins is hard.

Chetan Trivedi said...

For some strange reason i could not subscribe. I clicked the link twice and i got was a page full of html codes.!?!?!?

Ian said...

Thanks for the heads up Chetan Trivedi, it should be fixed now.

Anonymous said...

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