So whats up!?!?!?

Well you may have noticed I haven't been posing much of late. That's because I have been cooking up the next step in the ARCs evolution. I've decided that instead of just adding to the now massive amount of animation information on the net, I think what is really needed is some way of helping people who want to learn about animation navigate their way to the information that best helps them.

The new ARC will be a constantly updated set of links to the best free online resources, those resources will be categorised to help you find the information you want. There will also be a reference page where you can see and study some of the great online animation available.

Once I get it filled up to a minimum level I will start a separate page called New Additions, then whenever I add something new to a category I will link to it in a new post there. That means you will be able to subscribe to the New Additions page and keep up to date on any new goodies I find. I also hope that this will be where we can get lots of comments and have good discussions without necessarily cluttering up the reference section.

The categories down the left side are just a work in progress at this stage, I keep thinking of new things to add so I imagine it still has some evolving to do.

When I get at least one thing in each category I will swap its URL over with this one and we will get back into action. In the mean time you can drop by and have a look by clicking on the pick (not that there is much to see apart from the basic layout). Also feel free to leave a comment about your favourite educational online resources so I can make sure they are linked to where appropriate :)

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