An old buddy of mine who now animates for ILM in San Fransisco, pops up for half a second in this promo for one of their Star Wars games (that's him in the pic).

In the on gong discussion about what the second years will be doing this coming year one of the issues touched on has been the journey from study to employment. Matt pulled it off while supporting a family with 2 beautiful children, moving from one side of America to the other in search of a job. Now that's determination. Quite an achievement for a kid from Coffs Harbour. I don't know if its my place, but I'm kinda proud of him.


frank said...

San Francisco is a nice city.

Ocean is a bit cold and sharky for surfing.

Across the Golden Gate bridge in Solsolito (sp?) is a nice little artist's village where I first saw framed animation cels for sale (~1991). (I should have got a couple, they were a bargain)

Good post Ian. It's good to know that the magic doesn't end when we get handed a diploma.

And if you're willing to travel...

MattG said...

Witness my amazing hand-waving abilities!

Popping up in that vid was a bit of a surprise, gesturing wildly in a cinematics meeting. Still, pretty funny. :)

SF is a beautiful city... I liken it to Sydney a lot (with colder water & more fog). Ian, you have to come visit! :D

Lisa said...

Hey Matt, fellow game animator! how you finding working in games now? ..and how is it compared to working in film?