EasyMan Version 2 is Here

Well I think Easyman V2 is ready for his journey out into the real world. You can download him from HERE.

A few notes to make Easyman as easy as possible to use:

A: In the "show" pull down menu for the view port your animating in turn off the visibility for locators and IK handles, in fact unless you're adding new elements to the scene you only need Nurbs Curves, Nurbs Surfaces, Polygon Surfaces and Manipulators visible.

B: You can get any part of Easyman back to its default pose, including the blend shapes controls buy setting the translate and rotate values back to zero.

C: When its time to animate the face, right click on the layout pannels down the left hand side of the screen and select edit layout from the pop up menu. In the options box that apears goto the "Edit layout" tab and select "Two pannels Side By Side". One pannel for looking at Easyman, the other for looking at the face controls.

D: I've set up a special camera for looking at the controls goto Pannels>Perspective>Face_control_cam, and resize the view port so that the face controls are framed for easy use.

I've been thinking what with all the talk about the roll of women in animation around here I better get to work on a female version too, although I don't think Easygirl is going to be an appropriate name.

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Sam said...

For the female version you just need to put a pretty pink bow on top of the male version's head. It worked for Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck.