Small Room

Before I start, any SBIT students reading should go down to the previous post and make a comment if they haven't already. Go ON! It won't kill ya :)

Small Room is a blog I visit with some regularity run by LA cartoonist/Animator Will Fin. He has just put up an article with some interesting reflections on how the work of Chuck Jones evolved over time. I know the last thing on the mind of many students would be whats going to happen to their work as they get older, but as you read through the article you will discover that perhaps changes in the work we do have more to do with the context or state of mind we are in when we do it. I call it being in the ZONE.

Will also runs an online comic called Fosil Fools with another artist called Scott Santoro, its good stuff.


frank said...

(note to self) Awhr crap, I'm 20 years behind! I'm already in decline.

But... maybe being mature enough to recognise that puts me ahead on the steep learning curve than the youngsters? Yeah, that's it! That's the twig sticking out from the cliff face. I'm going to hold on to it.

Very interesting post by Will Fin. I did an assignment last year on Chuck Jones but never considered his decline as a daftsman and Will's point of view. Didn't have an 'animator's eye' to see it, either.

It's sort of sad to see it now.

Maybe Chuck just sold his soul for his 'art' business, for the sake of accumulation of wealth, and knew that his signature on things would sell no matter what he drew?

It's also interesting to note that his characters became more podge and less edgey as Chuck gracefully aged. It certainly does ponder the question that drawing reflects personality and personality changes over time.

Ian said...

Its worth revisiting the Small Room blog, because it seems the post about Chuck Jones has created something of a contraversy.