Animatic ~ Jigsaw Falling Into Place ~ Radiohead

This week second year students were given a one week reprieve on the storyboard animatic deadline for their major project (due to the Institute's new Internet safety policy of banning the world wide web, which made it a bit difficult to access online resources).

Make like a slice of cheese... Now we're on a roll because we can improve our ideas after watching this excellent example animatic by local Brisbane animator Mark Osberg. "Ahhh Man, this is so good!"* Note at the start how we get a colour scheme idea but from that point onward we leave the more detailed layouts into the 'rough' art work that tells the story.

I know that Mark works rough using a graphics tablet straight into Flash. I'm pretty sure this is the approach most of the second years are taking as well. But we'll work from initial paper and pencil thumbnail roughs... or did we? Here's some extra storyboarding info for you, yeah you!

I'm not going to be shy about this next bit and neither should you. Sign in and vote for Mark's animation for the Radiohead Competition on the Aniboom site! If you love it give it 5 bombs, if you hate it give it 1 bomb.
*Someone somewhere said this about something.


frank said...

People, for the record, Mark did not ask me to do this post.

It just tied in nicely as I was working on my animatic.

I can hear y'all going, "Yeah right."

He didn't! Arrgh... why doesn't anyone believe what I say?

*hair being pulled out*

Terry said...

What a fantastic piece of work, Mark! I give you 5 bombs. Even though you're obviously a stinky tree-loving hippy.

Thanks for posting, Frank.