Federico Vitali ~ Lava Lava & Guano

Federico Vitali is a French animator with a huge bestiary. And I mean Huge. You should check it out. I mean, "Hoo Wee, IT'S HUGE!"

How to make a huge bestiary

Draw 50 x 30 second* episodes of 2D traditional animation where pleasantly, horrible, appealing characters almost live through the most foolish adventures imaginable. ( based on a report in Animation Now! ) Name it Guano.

Also check out the character designs and animation in Vitali's Lava Lava animation series. (Warning: there is some nude buttocks in the Lava Lava series. Oh, and there's cartoon violins as well, so if you're a little kiddy or Zac, or Mitch, or Dan don't watch it).

Federico Vitali also worked with Bill Plympton on a short animated film called "Trashorama", which I can't find on the Internet.

Check out the pose when the cat uses the flame thrower. That's one hot line of action!SBIT students: How far can you take your character poses, designs and story ideas? I bet Ian would love to find out. I hear him often wandering around the studio, yawning, muttering, "These students are, by nature, soo conservative." Check out Pushing the Pose (take that Ian!)

*2nd years note how many Essential Animation Principles (EAPs) this guy can cover in 30 seconds.


Mitch said...

(- .-) I see what you did there.

Pick on the drama llamas just because we feint at the mere sign of blood. well let me tell YOU something Mr. Frank... We can't all be animal doctors, go'in out there, savin' little critters lives... Instead we're the ones making your logo's look cool, we're the ones making cute little movies about animals so children will be influenced to go out and buy scoobie-doos and tom and jerrys. So they mistreat them enough to end up in your lap, giving you more work, and with more work, more money.

So HAH, *last laugh*

Az said...

Nothing beats the classic cartoon violence with rude jokes. You don't even need to think about what a trumpet is doing in Dirdy's rump-
I miss seeing animations with antics like this, no dialog required.

As for the questions in terms of poses. I only recently started putting the line of action to use, also before I started SBIT I never kept picking my poses apart thinking about how I could probably twist or push it to the next level.

frank said...

I agree AZ, the cartoon violins just needs a spruce up and a name change. Something like "Humourous Action".

The rudeness is actually 'risque'.

There is something in it that makes the viewer act seemingly instinctively. That is, it cuts through all the filters that society trys to push information through.

It may not be to everyone's taste but it does exercise and challenge people's ideas and tolerances.

It's great that such a good an artist as you can see to push poses with the line of action and the 'line of beauty' (1st years may not have come across that one yet).

Thanks for your comments.

frank said...

Now to you Mitch, I told you not to watch.

Your delicate thespian sensibilities have become unhinged and your dramatic psychological gestures are flying around misdirected.

Go and have a cup of Bonox and place a perfumed hanky over your eyes. The red spots will recede in a few hours.

You with your fancy typing pictures.


(. .)

Ian said...

mutter mutter mutter eyes the size of elephant testicals mutter mutter mutter CIRO!!!! mutter mutter cheese biscuts!

Anonymous said...

just for info: the picture at the top of this thread is not from my work at all! (including Guano and Lava lava).

Please, find another if you want to be authentic and believable. Thank you.

F. Vitali
director of guano and lava lava.

Anonymous said...

The pictures come from "The Dirdy Birdy" directed by John Dilworth. That's not Vitali's work!

Chris Sobieniak said...

Given how old the post is, I doubt they'll go back and change the image, let alone why someone had to do a YouTube vid where both Vitali's and Dilworth's shorts were stuck together is beyond me.