Brazilian Fighting Robots?

Ha, ha! Ian is away. So it's time to get the ARC blog tidied up a bit and go with a Brazilian clip.

A few things to consider in this post. First it has giant fighting robots! Or are they? Or do they? Beautiful background art. Organic colour scheme. Mitch, does it remind you of Iron Giant?

It looks like a film with 2D effects and 3D animation. I'm sure an industry animator can set me straight on that interpretation.

The 3D characters have a nice 'toon render' (Robyn make a comment!).

Unfortunately the Serbian musician whose music features in this film died in his London studio trying to rescue his masterpiece from a fire (there's more information in the dedication at the start of the clip).

If you can't view it on YouTube then you can see it @ Jellyfish Pictures UK

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If you want an animation job in Brazil you might want to check out this award winning studio?: Vetor Zero (they do 3D computer, stop mo and traditional animation)

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Mitch said...

HAhaha, if only we could get nuclear missiles to hug... the world would be at peace. Yeah not too shabby Frank, Anti climactic, but the moral of the story is better than "the bigger one won the fight.. the end?"
And good in a sence that, I'm trying to get my head around creating a forest/ravine setting in After Effects, and this kinda showed me a little on how to do it.

Yeah, the music seems very unexperienced. Like some teenage vagabond straight out of some seedy highschool in britain, thinking the whole world revolves around remixes and crappy techno, and just to make it that much more interesting, he put some jungle beats in there, probably not even knowing where those beats originated from.

All in all, a cool clip, but who ever made this... could have done a much better job if he wanted to. The lighting was the same throughout the whole thing pretty much. The music implied alot more colour, but the colours in the film where a tad washed out for some reason or another. And the "robots" moved well, but they moved well for robots, and my understanding was that these where some sort of tribal gods manifestated into wooden puppets, The animatator could have made them move alot more menacing like at the beggining to create more tention for his audience, and created more dynamic poses to draw out more energy and power from them. I noticed alot of repetetive walk sequences from the two wooden big guys.
So like I said, cool, but I don't think they reached high enough with this one.