Hey everyone

This film is very slow for about the first 4 minutes and in french with no subtitles, but if you stick with it the 2d animation in the second half is simply amazing.

Also it's a youtube clip so you probably can't watch it on a T.A.F.E computer.

(Thanks for a great post Mark! Read more about the film @ Cartoon Brew (including a translation and some backround on the main character) Cheers, Frank).


Alexandra Raineri said...

so i thought that was ausom it got a little weard with the transformation into a blob at the end but i liked it

Mitch said...

I love this. It's the great moment of truth that an animator has to explain to others every once in a while, and thats that animators can do what ever they want.

I like how he shows all the day to day movements that make humans as a race so boring to look at, yet animation teachers force us students to re-create this through lots and lots of little drawings. It's almost as if it's a one fingered salute towards his own mentor perhaps? (I'm guessing the animator's a he, only out of the sheer majority ratio count of women to men in the animation industry)

Very energetic, and to the point. The point that you don't just have to animate life in things that are living. There where alot of shapes and microscopic looking bits-and-bobs dancing about, and he made it look natural. A human's imagination can be a wonderful thing sometimes.
Nice little gem you found for us Mark, I'll be adding this one to my favourites.

frank said...


What a great find. As they say over on Cartoon Brew, "it's an animator's movie".

It would have to feature as the best moving to music example on this blog so far.

Fantastic free-style animation. Real freedom and real style.

HenningKO said...

Holy crap, the French are the best animators. What a joy... need to find this in .mov so's I can frame by frame it and look at every one of those figure drawings.

Dana said...

I loved it, the sense of movement was amazing, with the day to day life movements taht everyone takes for granted and the blobs moving in time with the music.
It really is a true testiment of what the human mind can create.

Camera-etc said...

If you want “ENGLISH VERSION”, you can see it at