Fill You In

A nice film clip by student Jason Peacock to a Josh Pyke song. Animated in After FX. Jason also has a Behind The Scenes and an Animatic for the clip up on Vimeo, nice.

Found at: No Fat Clips


Mitch said...

I don't wanna put this one down... but you know when you see something, and you see how they've done it, and you know that they could have done better. this guy clearly understands after effects, and it looks awesome, just a little flat here and there.

Ian said...

He is a student Mitch.

Lisa said...

mmmmmm Josh Pyke...mmmm

Lisa said...

I saw this a while ago at YouTube..I really liked it, especially as it's by a student . Taking on a film clip as a project is pretty major. The only thing was I thought it was just playing just a little too much of the words in the pictures.

Jason said...

Hey, I'm glad you liked the vid and thanks for the encouraging feedback.

The song wasn't my first choice, but I was attempting to avoid re-inventing the wheel and re-creating an existing track.

I had a large amount of influence from a beautiful animation by Lesley Barnes: and Baz Luhrmann's classic:

My course doesn't actually teach animation or the software package I used so it was quite a lot to learn and although there are a few elements I'm quite proud of, there is of course a huge amount of work required to get it quite up to standard; however it was at the stage in which I could hand it in and the deadline was imminent, which was the only thing stopping me from developing it any further.

A number of elements were put in last minute as the film footage I'd intended to use, didn't quite turn out as I expected, but I don't think they're too noticeable.

Thanks for the exposure ARC.