Webcomics Podcast

Here is something a little different. A podcast about the art of Webcomics, and how to make money from them. More great inspirational stuff to listen too while you're animating.

Something cool I only just learnt is that if you use Google Reader or similar to follow your favourite blogs and fellow students blogs, you can also subscribe to podcasts. Just open the RSS page on the site, copy the URL and then paste it into the subscribe window in Reader. A cool way to keep up with you favourite podcasts.

Found at: Drawn

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Terry said...

Thanks Ian, I will check that out ASAP. One more podcast for me to get addicted to. Can I also suggest Fanboy Radio (great pop culture guests with an emphasis on comic book creators) and Word Balloon (which features more "old school" comic book creators - perhaps better for 30-plus geeks like me). Both should be accessible through iTunes or your Google Reader (which I am unfamiliar with, but boy it sounds cool).