Pixar - A Human Story of Computer Animation

Ahhh some days I could just give the Internet a big sloppy wet kiss. This youtube vid (recorded some years ago now) is an interview/discussion with 4 legends of modern western animation.

Its over an hour and a half of inspirational animation goodness, especially in the second half where Brad Bird and Andrew Stanton get quite fired up. So grab some snacks and a drink, settle in and enjoy. Its all soooo goood!

Found at: The Thinking Animation Blog


Dana said...

wow...just...wow. There was so many good points, idea's and things to remember in that that I think my poor brain is going to explode from the information.
There were a couple of things taht really stuck out in my brain....like how 2D and 3D is just a medium of animation and not a genre. I really like how they said that.

There were other stuff that I really liked but they've been lost in the wave of sleepiness that has over come me.

animation_student said...

This is a case where it would be great to be able to download from a school computer.

It's on Google Video or can be downloaded from the web page: http://www.computerhistory.org/events/index.php?view=previous§ion=calendar

May 16 2005

Ian said...

I'm dieing to know who that mysterious "animtion student" is :)

Danielli said...

'Animation Student' is probably one of the first years who is afraid of you Ian.
You probably scared them with all you "MORE EFFORT" talk, and you have restricted them to commenting on the ARC.

Ian said...


animation_student said...

Anyone can be "animation student" because we all are. Even the teachers.

Ian said...

To True.