Forget the film, watch the titles

This is a cool idea for a site, completely devoted to animated movie titles. I have a troubled relationship with students and titles, what you need to bare in mind as you watch these is that the job the artist had was to make the actual titles. Often students choose to invest disproportionate amounts of time and energy into their titles when the job at hand is to make a film or show reel. It particularly bugs me on screening night, when we are watching 30 or so short 2 min pieces of animation each with 5 minutes of credits on the end. YAWN!

All that having been said, when an animator is specifically charged with the job of creating some credits there are some fantastic opportunities. Many of the standard rules about character development and continuity can be bent, and it seems to make a quick impression there is a larger focus on stylized art direction (in general). There are many pieces to rummage through here, nice way to pass some time on a lazy Saturday or Sunday arvo.

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frank said...

Ah yesssss. If you have Ennio Morricone writing your title sequence music, you're on to a winner. Wawawawa - a - wa - wah!

They started with Clint Eastwood & The Good, the Bad and the Ugly titles. "Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo" (direct translation in poor animator's Italian = The Good, The Ugly and The Naughty).

They know what they're talking about.