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Last year Stuart, one of the second year students of 2007, showed me a short clip called Cat Man Do, and it was very good. What I have only just discovered it that it is part of a series called Simon's Cat, and a second episode has just surfaced that I think is even better than the first. The observations of cat like behaviour are spot on.

Found at: Cartoon Brew


Ian said...

Oh and by the way, this is the 200th film I've linked to on this blog.

200 free short films!

Considering I don't post anything I don't think has something we can learn from thats pretty amazing.

Princess Dabby said...

OMG!!! That cat was awsome!! And the really funny thing is that my cat tries to wake my mum up like that too, except without the baseball bat. No my cat's smart enough to know that knocking off my mum's clock radio wakes her up =D

The animation is so simple yet so good, I want that cat.

Mitch said...

hahaha theres nothing better than the comical side of animals. I guess thats why looney tunes were so popular.

congrats on 200 short films ian :D

frank said...

My little brother, way out west, that's not his name, that's where he lives (in WA) tells me it is a student film?

Do we know any more about the animator?

frank said...

Great post 200 Ian!

This animation caught my eye when it was circulated around last year.

I agree that the accurate observation and portrayal of cat behaviour (especially violence against garden ornaments) brings great APPEAL to the film.

frank said...

Personally I think the cat hesitating at the door to come in is the clincher. The acting that makes cat slaves around the world nod there heads in acknowledgement.

The twist I would have put on it is the cat wanting to go straight out again once the door was closed.

The cat wanting food was a bit too doggy, check this with our consultant dog behaviourist Dougal (if he pants and wags his tail when you ask him to watch the film, you will confirm that I am correct).

frank said...

I like that the film is black and white with 'alive' linework.

The animation is more dyanmic with the slight wiggles even though most of the action appears in the bottom half of the door window.

The cat is an appealing yet simple design.

I think this shows that appeal doesn't come with more complex and more colour gradients.

frank said...

The director's name is Simon Tofield, he's from the UK, I think?

His first film, "Cat Man Do" has won a best comedy award at the British Animation Awards.

Both films can be seen @ http://au.youtube.com/simonscat

Thank doG he's not a student as I would have packed away my crayons in despair.

More of Simon Tofield's work can be seen on http://www.tandemfilms.com

My animation has rendered, so I'm leving now.

frank said...

Oh hang on, just a tad more about the linework.

I think the Disney animators had a name for it.

I found it particularly noticeable in the feature film "Aristocats"

(A lot of clean up artists were out of work for that film ;) )

Ian said...

A Bit more about the film maker can be found here