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One of the great things about getting all of our students to make a public blog is going to be that I can point out those who I think are doing well. So every now and then I will make a post linking to some of my favourite work over the last few weeks.

The first year students are just approaching the end of their motion principles section, lots of falling things, bouncing things and emotional things. For the first time I have also incorporated a tour of our major software packages while we are at it. The hope is that students can start to visualize the different possibilities associated with the different programs.

Nathan demonstrating weight through timing in After FX.

Shane's happy jumping pole in Maya

Brendan's traditionally keyframe animated falling tree.
Ben's traditionally keyframe animated falling tree.

In addition to her assessment work AZ has posted some beautiful artwork on her blog (mmmm colour harmonies)

Meanwhile I've had the second year students pumping out some 3D character animation. I think that last year I let the 3D classes get to bogged down in technical stuff, I don't think I had managed to communicate just how immediate and empowering programs like Maya can be, so we started off this year by doing some quick exercises. These are scenes that only have about 6 major key frames and were animated in a couple of hours.

Dan's jumping guy.

Rosie's look and react.

David's look and react.

Stay tuned for more exciting installments :)


Terry said...

Ian, please stop making posts like this... you make me feel hopelessly inadequate!

Great work students. Looks like your enjoying Ian's classes almost as much as mine!

Ryan said...

Ian, the link to shane's Blog in the list of first years takes us to this;
"Bad Credit Loan Montreal"

just thought i'd point it out :P

frank said...

Terry, man, there is soo much LOVE with a heart shaped 'O' in your classes. I love them, man, I really do. That "Jimmy Corrigan" book is the best thing ev-fah, the best, man. Oh man I'm really feeling the love... man. Maybe that man at the Jack Johnson concert, amn was he good man, wasn't wafting spicy cigarette smoke up the hill, man?

Ian said...

The link is working fine for me Ryan, and I double checked it in the post. That is very odd.

Frank your just falling into Terrt's trap. He's using guilt to milk compliments out of his students ;)

frank said...

Wholly Grapola! Az can draw, Phew wee. There's some nice stuff on that blog.

Ryan said...

mitch and i both had the same problem from our home computers.

i'll try from the southbank computer tomorrow and see if that makes a difference.

Ian said...

That is the wierdest link problem I have ever herd of. I have no prior knowledge of that site you're being directed too.

In the HTML code for the post it definately says


Anonymous said...

The link is the one from the list of 1st year blogs over on the right hand side.

The address:
takes us to a magic place called "Bollocks".

At least it's not Bad Credit in Canadia.