Conrad's Reel

As a teacher one of the last things I ever want to hear a student say is, "I know its a lame cliche, but its kinda like a parody of a cliche if you know what I mean". This is usually code for, I know its a lame cliche, but I'm to lazy to come up with something original. Boy am I sounding cynical.

The question is, are you 100% confident that the potential employer will understand that its a parody instead of just turning it off after the first 15 seconds?

There are inevitably exceptions to these rules, and this is one. Conrad Ostwald's reel is actually a list of motion graphics cliche's, and it still manages to impress.

If any students are thinking they might use this as leverage, I'll make a deal with you. If I'm convinced that your as good as this guy, I'll let you do that reel or film that's a "parody of a cliche" :P


frank said...

Hey Ian, Thanks for the making a 'show reel' tips you sent me.

That AVI on my student blog was something I put together at the end of 1st year without planning it like you describe.

By making that dodgy showreel, I have succeeded in learning something about showreels.

I like the basics of:
1) Show your best work
2) Show your best work first
3) Only show your best work
4) If you can't decide what your best work is, ask someone who has experience in the field of animation, in which you want a job to have a look.

(I put that last one in after your comments)

I know we'll be learning more about making a variety showreels to target specific employers. Thanks for the early critique, anyway.

Ian said...


1) Newest to oldest.
2) If there is the slightest doubt about it going in, it shouldn't go in.
3)Short is better than long. (30secs that blows em away leaves em hungry for more, 3 mins of average leaves em over it).

animation_student said...

yum, yum. Eat up all this tasty advice ye starving students and freelance animators!