Here come the 123s - 813 Mile Car Trip

It is to my great delight that one of my favourite bands keep giving me excuses (however flimsy) to post about them.

They Might be Giants have made a video of animated songs for kids that is released through Disney. They have been featuring the clips, that utilise a broad range of animation techniques in a series of video podcast.

I've only been able to find one episode that isn't on a site that will be blocked on our Southbank PCs, but for those reading at home here are links to a whole bunch that are on You Tube. Each one contains at least one animated film clip.

813 Miles
1 Dozen Monkeys
The Seven Days Of The Week

Found at: No Fat Clips


Mitch said...

hahah, talk about happy.

Oh man, I can see you Ian, pulling up at a set of lights next to me singing this at the top of your lungs.

"sing like no ones watching you"
It'd be such a nice motto, if it made people look cool. but it doesn't, so I highly recommend keeping to the shower.

Dana said...

Hahahah, they are so awsome. Love the Nonagon song. I like how the kid moves in the "7 days a week" song. I think that's really well done.
"813 Mile Car Trip" best car ride song. Your right, these film clips are great =D
Hey Ian have you seen the song that TMBG did for the online cartoon Homestar runner?
Its so random but so cool, and so is the very very random

Ian said...

Sure have.

TMBG have a long tradition of using animation I did a post about it last year.

Here is the address

Don't forget, D is for drums :)

Ian said...

I keep coming back and watching these clips over and over. I'm addicted.

I think what it is that I love so much is that they have an old school Sesame Street feel to them. Until I was six I lived in one of the remotest towns in Australia, Woomera. We only had ABC in black and white, I was a Sesame Street feend. Long before I fell in love with WilE Cyotee I was glued to 1,2,3,4,Fiiiive,6,7,8,Niiiine,10,11,12 Na naa na na naa naaa naaaa.

The slightly unrehersed quality of the puppets and the snappy songs set to animation in these clips take me back. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Ian said...

But wait theres more!