Where to next? A map of the dark unknown...

In animation, you can even attempt to jump cars with a scooter! As is common knowledge in the animation industry, it is way cool to drive an Italian scooter to prospective job interviews (and not a Camaro Bumble Bee). This clever advertisement has just enough animation in it to warrant a post. And enough humour to make you think about buying that scooter.

As Sean Leahy says, "Make them laugh then make them think" Related Post: Greatest Animation Quotes Evah!

The short clip illustrates where an animator may find employment, this example = an advertising firm (or Canada).
In our 2nd year "Develop Industry Knowledge", affectionately known as the "DIK" class, the students were put to wondering, "What is the animation industry?" ,and "How do we find our way around in it?"

Maybe industry animators can help point us in the right direction, please?

So, as a fact finding mission and for fledgling animators that do not wish to fly to far from the nest, an animation industry map of south-east Queensland has been started and we're looking for more coloured pins to add to it.

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Yes, the man catches on fire in the clip.


Ian said...

I recon you could have made that jump Frank. Maybe we should test my theory :)

frank said...

A few more minutes in the sauna first.

Anonymous said...


games is a good place to get your animation feet wet, looks like there's a couple shops in Australia

frank said...

Thanks anonymous. Games studios (which reminds me, a Brisbane animator that works at a games studio won January's 11 Second Club competition). That's exactly what we need! More links please that we can map.

The three main resources I am using are:
1. The Brisbane Media Map by Queensland Uni of Technology
2. Animation Industry Data Base = www.aidb.com
3. Queensland Animators web site resources = www.qa.org.au

Lisa said...

yes games is a growing industry in Australia.