There is a new bunch of Gobelins films on the way. For now most of them are just listed with some pictures, they probably can't put them online until they have made their festival appearances and such. But I did manage to find this one, and its awesome.

While searching I found this article about Gobelins, its in french but there are some interesting pictures. I also found this showreel and blog from a Gobelins students named S├ębastien Wojda.


frank said...

You'll always suck me in with a Gobelins reference.

I just watched the show reel on DailyMotion. Sebastian seems to have aninteresting pedigree, polish/Italian?

Pulling it apart a bit, the showreel encompasses 2D and 3D. It has dialogue and action. Pushing, pulling, lifting, walk and run cycles.

I wonder what a good show reel should display for a student from a 2 year course?

seb said...

Hello ! thank you for posting the film and my showreel, i'm sebastien wojda-marioni, hey frank ! i'm not polish italian, but polish corsican !! it's not the same thing :) you can visit my blog here http://sebwojda.blogspot.com,
thank you again ! see you

frank said...

Bonjour Seb, Desole. Corsica, a lovely island and apparentley part of france, but I can imagine some Corsicans would say they are Corsican before they say they're French.

Your animation work is buonissimo (pardon my italian).