Fool Hardy Films

When it comes to finding links for posting, for a Blogger nothing beats following a series of links and discovering something cool. Its far more rewarding than just recycling the better quality links that appear on the blogs I regularly visit to find clips.

Today while exploring I discovered the web site of stop motion film maker Trevor Hardy. He has a whole page of shorts up on youtube. My favourite was A Problem Shared, but there were several other good ones, and a series of shorts documenting the process he go's through to make his films.

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frank said...

Just watched "A problem shared" and can see the Aardman influence. There's some glints of gold. I particularly like the "Hoover" saying, 'Well I'll be off then'. Makes me wonder if an interview style documentary or a narrative could/ has been made with household appliances?

I think the making of clips are excellent educational resources, especially since we don't do much (any?) stop motion animation.

Jane did promise to put some plasteceine on the resources budget for 2008.