Henry Selick is working on what is reported as his first stop motion film since Nightmare Before Christmas. I thought or assumed he had something to do with James and the Giant Peach, still I can forgive people for forgetting it. This new one looks great, there is a real grainy quality to the darkness that nothing 3D has managed to capture yet.

Over the holidays I nerded it up by watch all of the Matrix movies and some of the "making of" extras. In the doco for the second film they were all rabbiting on about how the CG bullet time gave them so much more freedom than the stuff in the first movie that was made using an elaborate array of still cameras. I looked at some of the bullet time scenes from each film and the older one just looked better. I love computer 3D animation, it has empowered me as a solo animator like nothing before, but I sure am glad some are sticking to their old school guns.

Found at: Cooked Art


Terry said...

Yeah, this looks great - big fan of Neil Gaiman, the writer of the book. Selick did indeed direct the stop-mo bits of GIANT PEACH but it was not a "true" stop-mo film because it was 50% (or somesuch)live action. And boy it was crap!

Kristi said...

I thought that I heard that the "real world" parts of Coraline will be live action? (Most of the story takes place in a parallel world on the other side of a bricked-up door.)