Lauenstein Brothers - Balance

to the film on YouTube (sorry if you're trying to access it from SBIT) In 1989 a student film won an Academy Award. The Lauenstein brothers are German animators and you might wonder what they have been doing since?

A whole web site of amazing animation : 'The Lauenstein brothers create comic characters, and manufacture the figures in a variety of materials including clay. The special charm of "hand-made" films can offer an interesting alternative to the "clean" atmosphere of computer animations.'

In recent posts there has been discussion about students making short narrative films, experimental animation, how 2D style animation is dominating this year's Academy Award nominations, and the suggested re-introduction of a short stop motion component to the South Bank animation course. So much to comment on!

check out the Lauenstein's singing animals

With such a diverse range of input we need some Balance

Thanks go to Kristi (an ARC friend) whose comment in a previous post put me on to this course of wide-eyed student discovery.


animation student said...

Check out their "Ants" advert for a 30 second narrative.

Lisa said...

we had to watch this film soooooo many times during Uni...simple Idea, well done.