Horton hears a Who - new trailer

new trailer for 'Horton Hears a Who' , and doesn't it look pretty! This is one film I really can't wait to see...the animation is superb! I'd love to see the rig systems they use on this ...so much beautiful stretch and squash. Click on the picture to take you to YouTube.


Ian said...

Check out these beautiful images from the film on the Character Design Blog.

The Darker Scenes look sooooo good.


franko said...

Just look at the way the JoJo character alights onto the stairs after being shot by that rubberband slingshot. Have you ever observed a cat or a ballerina look like they 'hang' in the air? Nice animation.

Unfortunately, I see Jim Carrey's name but he's got some cred from "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", and we don't have to see his face. The character animation on the: "Seriously, who is this? Is this Bert from accounting?"; looks good.

Let's all go and see it.

Lisa said...

hear hear! Let's all do that! When does it open in Australia?

clay said...

That alights on the stairs thing is increadable... I remeber once someone thru a hammer to my dad in a tree once and he caught it and it looked just like that and I was so impressed... This whole movie looks top quality... From good old Fox. Yay for fox!

frank said...

I saw the previews for Horton when recently going to The Bee Movie and The Golden Compass. It looks well worth going to see.

The animated water drop running down the leaf at the start of the preview is very Adam Phillips/Brackenwood but it quickly turns into recogniosable Dr. Seuss layouts and character designs.