BigFishTV - Fest - Phillip's Day Out

The Big Fish are Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) based. Like this'n here blog. So it's good to showcase some local talent.

The big question this most recent FEST animation puts might just be, Do pinball parlours still exist?

In finding out how to spell exist this is what the Macquarie Dictionary had to say: "2. to have life or animation; live."

We have animation. Thus we live. Thus we have a life. Thus we exist. Ergo, without animation nothing would exist. QED. (Yes, QED is in the dictionary).

Now, go and watch Phillip's Day Out. And make some dognam comments, dognam!


Anonymous said...

quod erat dēmonstrandum

Phillip said...

I think Phillip's friend is a lot like Davy Jones from the Monkees.