Climate Cartoons

OK, we're all fans of Mr. Pipik by now (see below), so why hasn't he won an Emmy Award?

Big Fun With Global Warming is a Stateside animated film that warns of an inevitble rain of grand pianos and collected a gong (the Emmy award). It can be found on the Climate Cartoons web site.

Our teacher at the Institute (Jane), is always keen on students developing a social and environmental conscience. And maybe animate something more meaningful than giant alien robots shooting laser beams out of their eyes (or dreaming of one day directing a beer commercial).

Who is going to save the world?

  1. Mr Pipik
  2. Beer
  3. Giant alien robots
  4. Animators


Anonymous said...

giant alien robots shooting laser beams out of their eyes!!! Thats the best idea!!!! Serious.


Cat's Away said...

In 1920, czech playwright Karel Čapek uses the word "robot" to name the scientifically-created artificial-being in his play, "RUR - Rossum's Universal Robots".

The name "robot" is taken from the czech word "Robota" meaning "forced work". A serf was known as a 'robotnik'.

The play, arrived in Japan in 1923, was to generate a robot enthusiasm all over the world.

The play "RUR" plotted a world where mankind created the robots, then got overwhelmed by them after the robots progressively replaced humans in every field of human activity.

So I don't think robots will actually save the world. On the contrary, I think the giant alien robot that's renting down the hall in number 1, has something more sinister in mind.