Une histoire vertébrale

This beautiful film by Jeremy Clapin is filled with layers of meaning. I'd say one of the most unique and well told stories I've seen on the net in some time. Looking at it, its hard to believe theres 3D in this film, but there is, and here is the proof.
Found at: Ticklebooth


Mr. Saeton said...

Wow, that was amazing! If it hadnt been aluded to in the post, I would have had no idea that the film was done with 3D for the characters!
I think the subtlety in the characters movements, all very small steps and the like, really helped with the illusion of traditionally illustrated characters.

Mitch said...

I'm gunna be agree withy zac on this one. Haha I love it though, instead of tricking the eye to make you believe its 3d, its trying to trick us into thinking its 2d. Crafty bastards.

wonderful story though, and it was really well structured. It had more than one climax which is rare to find in a short story. Cute.

Yeah nice find Ian, a good addition to the ARC library.

frank said...

Very nice. I really like the colour design with the use of blue and that 'warm' grey.

Hard to believe it's 3D until seeing some movement down perspective lines.

The music is a great storytelling device and pace setter as well. But was probably scored after the animation was complete.

The framing on the frames to the adrenalin moment was very interesting.

And I do like a romance with pet animal matchmakers.

Kristi said...

How cute! This is one of my favourites now. Thanks!