Animation Tip: Fast Background Art

When the animating time is short it means it is time to get creative with the background art. We can't all be painterly Studio Ghibli or Pixar layout artists. animators, by all accounts from reliable sources, follow the philosophy espoused by Ian of, "Work hard, play hard." Not many animators have fuel left in the tank to animate outside of work. These local Brisbane animators let their pressure cooker release with eclectic soundtracks and a flood of crazy consciousness ideas. It's brain twisting gobbledeegook of the highest order. Not only do they animate outside of work time but they have created a whole online festival called Fest.

This example shows how using photographic backgrounds have given this animation an urban jungle feel. So, if it is all about character animation in your soul, then get creative and quick on your backgrounds with ideas like this.

More: A flounder sings, "Why must you eat with your mouth so wide?" Ahoowr you gotta see it.


Dana said...

Yay! This post is great for 2 reasons.
1. It shows us that we can use cheap and easy backgrounds and still have a cool animation and
2. It has big on it :p

I still like the global warming song the best (damn you jess!) and im still trying to figure out what the heck is singing the song.
I think it's a capsicum

frank said...

I agree Banana, Mr Pipik is one of my favourites. Even though he is evil. Buk Buk Boo. yay!

Please don't tell Jane about this post about background 'cheats'.

Luckily she doesn't drop by the blog to spy on students.

Dana said...

Lol, yes..too true.
Btw Frank...could you please tell me what could cause a cat to be throwing up? Apparently my cat threw up 3 times today :(

frank said...

Lots of things make cats vomit. Best to take it to the vet :)