Sweet and Sour

I'm sure there was some guy in class the other day saying that there was no traditional animation being made in Australia any more. I wonder who that could have been?

Obviously I hadn't counted on the Peoples Republic of Animation from Adelaide, who have been plotting up this very original and mostly traditionally animated film. Before you get too excited and book yourself a bus ticket for Adelaide, it is a co-production with a Chinese studio, and you can guess where it would have been cheapest to do the bulk of the animation.

Still in this day and age of slim 2D pickings you have to look on the up side, an Australian studio was involved. Its an improvement on where I thought we were. The PRA have a showreel up on youtube as well.

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frank said...

Aowhar, that was brilliant. Nice colour and great design use of silouhettes. The prawn cracker tasting made my mouth water. And they certainly presented Peking duck in a unique way.

Strangely though, I'm hungry for more.