Petit a Petit - Did you know 3D could look like this?

Entre Deux Miettes - simple characters with live action backgrounds. Very slick.

Le Moulin - Ever feel out of step with the world around you?

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frank said...

"Le Moulin" by Florian Thouret (who studied at the French school l'Ecole Emile Cohl* in 2004)is such a beautiful film.

The style with the water colour backgrounds/ colouring, but with the 3D 'feel'. The character poses and timing. How's their lines of action when the windmill stops? The story. Wow!

The cogs and mechanisms, the internal workings of the windmill, put me in mind of the intracsies of "...Jasper Morello".

If you want some more, ooo the beautiful use of colour and sound, check out his web site: