Do, Keep Doing, Do Some More

This is a great ad. Almost definitely animated in After Effects.

For me it raises some questions though.

If Honda are DOing so much about the environment, how come we can't buy their hybrid cars in Australia yet, and why DO they continue to produce large urban 4WD vehicles. I suppose another thing they are focused on DOing is making money, even if it unDOes some of the other good things they DO.

Found at : No Fat Clips and Motionographer.


Terry said...

Hmm... the movie won't play for me for some reason.

Ian, to answer you very naive questions about why Honda still make gas-guzzling 4WDs... how else are wealthy mothers going to get their kids to school in the morning?

Ian said...

Its a quicktime file Big T. Maybe your Quicktime player needs updating, it is a big file, and takes a while to download.

Dana said...

Terry I know exactly how the wealthy mums can get their kids to school, do what my parents did and make them catch a bus. If they have so much money to get the nice cars they'd have enough money to by a bus card. Sure they might get scarred for life from riding a bus everyday of their school but who cares :p

"Doers do things"..WHOAH!! The ad's nice, cute and colourful AND it points out the obvious, this should go a lllooonngggg way.

frank said...

The nice lady who lives in the hovel above the artist garret works for an alcohol company.

'That's lovely', students may say.

Last night I drank a beer brought out by her boyfriend.

It is Tasmanian (both).

The beer is Cascade Green.

It is 100% carbon offset beer.

Not only that, it tastes like beer.

And that is good.

I had the yummy feeling of not damaging our planet while washing my animation neurons.

Take that Mr. Honda!

frank said...

Terry you've hit on a pet peeve of mine. The driving kids to school in big, guzzling tractors.

Yesterday, my wife and I were out on the Vespa (delivering some DVDs to the post production studio) and we found ourselves caged in at the traffic lights by Pajeros and Land Cruisers. This led to the convo about driving kids to school.

Mum's don't seem to get it. The kids are learning that it is normal to be driven everywhere in a big 4WD. While at school they're being taught to save the planet. No wonder they rebel.

If Mum's were nervous about public transport, then catch the bus with the kid!

If you want a high driving position, look out a bus window!

The only reason to need a tractor (a shiny one at that), is to illegally park up on kerbs to block pedestrians, or to escape the city when the environment goes on a vomiting rampage.

Back in my day, we walked to school (and got swooped by magpies), or rode a pushbike.

Nowadays, it's train or Vespa.

I'm going to try one of Sam's vanishing blog spells now.


Well that didn't work. Ciao darlings.