My Childhood Returns

I'm sure the constant recycling of old ideas can't be a good thing for the long term future of Hollywood. But I must confess to feeling a slight sentimental twinge when I see things like this. Especially Where The Wild Things Are. FAVOURITE KIDS BOOK EVER!


Ellie said...

Nawww that was cute. Cute, but weird. I loved that book too. Its cool how one story can span quite a few years in popularity- I know heaps of people who still own it.
Anyone under 20 like/remember it too?

Sam said...

I'm super excited about this movie. Directed by Spike Jonze and adapted by Dave Eggers, this could be the greatest thing ever. I'm glad they're only using CG for the creatures' faces.

frank said...

Hey Ian. When you were on your December blogging break Lisa also made a post about this film.

Maybe you could link in her post to your's to keep all the info packed together?

I remember being enthralled by the Where The Wild things Are in 1971 (Mrs Smith's year 1's). When I was just on the cusp of learning to read.

It was so much better to look at than "Dick and Dora" (though I liked their dog... whose name was?). I think he eventually became Tintin's dog?

Ian said...

Turns out this Where the Wild Things are clip is a fake !