Alan Watts

I think these are pretty old news by now, but bare with me while I catch up.

Tray Parker and Matt Stone (hopefully I don't have to tell you who they are) directed these short pieces set to audio recordings from philosopher Alan Watts. They are simple clean and poignant.

I’m probably drawing a long bow here, but I think I see a lesson in the first of the three clips for animators, it applies to their work as well as perhaps their whole life like it would for most. I think many students of animation arrive with a love for the final product, that’s what they are working towards. Often when they realise how much work it will take to get there they falter. But if you have or can discover a love for the process of animating then I think you stand a much better chance of staying in the biz for the long term.

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frank said...

Jane showed this following film in the experimental animation class last year.

I really like that the animation adds an intellectually entertaining complement to the fascinating dialogue.