Michel Gagne

Traditional Special FX animation is dear to my heart. The first paid work I did animating (as apposed to Inbetweening, Managing teams etc) was in the FX department at Sydney’s Disney studio. Alas I've never been able to find the time within our course at Southbank to squeeze in much FX animation.

Maybe in the future I'll do some quick video tutes and post them here. In the mean time check out the great web site of FX animator Michel Gagne. There are step by step breakdowns and video clips to watch from such great titles as Ratatouille, the Iron Giant and Clone Wars. Top Shelf.

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frank said...

I like the notes on the Lake Tidal Wave in Iron Giant.

I saw some very nice ocean wave animation in Miyazaki's "Kiki's Delivery Service" tonight.

Then there's the 3D waves in "Surfs Up" that we discussed in previous posts.

It seems as a general myth that a lot of artists don't like to paint or draw water. (Well some I have talked to, anyway).

Gagne seems to bring the question to the fore about "Do animators not like to animate water, or liquids?"

He did a convincing job of it.