Only Toons

I was perusing the Cold Hard Flash blog for the first time in a while (man is it just me or is that site so covered in flashing ads that its getting hard to find the actual content) and I noticed one of the videos posted there was from a new online video site. Its called MyToons and its for animation only which is nice Don't you think?

When I'm back at Tafe on Monday I'll check if it is blocked on the edu PC's, maybe we can use it for our student blogs.


Sam said...

Somewhat off topic, but I was wondering if your reason for visiting ColdHardFlash out of the blue was the same as mine.

I was curious to see what they had to say about the news that the makers of Mucha Lucha have ditched Flash in favour of Toon Boom. They were one of the most high profile studios using Flash for TV and feature production, and now they're quite vocally denouncing it.

Interestingly, ColdHardFlash have made no mention of this news.

Ian said...

I don't know the specifics there, but since Adobe bought Flash I've been wondering how it will go in the future.

Its seems that the need for vector based animation (in films, not websites) is deminoshing as internet speed improve, and After FX can do pretty much everything Flash can do with bitmap stuff (and then a whole lot more).

Maybe Flash will be retreating back into the world of web site developement.

Sam said...

All the changes I've seen that Adobe are making to Flash are really positive (stuff that I've always wanted at least). Like drawing tools more in line with Adobe Illustrator. And BONES! With IK!!

Apparently it just struggles to handle the weight of complicated long scenes. There's a lot of discussion on the various merits of Flash and ToonBoom here: (The article about Mucha Lucha I was talking about)

Ian said...

Bones with IK? Are you talking about CS3?

Sam said...

No, the next version in development, currently called Flash Next. You can see a demo of it here:

I love the people cheering like it's a football match. "Woooo IK!"

I've been told that there have been plugins around for a while that can also do it.

Ian said...

Cool! That is impressive.

So much for my theory.

After seeing that why would you waist your money on CS3?

The next thing they need to compete with Toon Boom or After FX is a camera.