Nathan Love

The ending in this piece is, well crude. But I just have to post it because it has such unique look for 3D animation. I don't know how animator/dirctor Nathan Love did it, but I like it.

Found at: Motionographer


frank said...

The ending is graphic in a Happy Tree Friends kinda way.

When you said crude, I thought that you meant something like rude using the 'c' word. (cactus)

I can't work out what internal organs get coughed up.

I agree, it has a nice look to it.

Well controlled colour, painterly render, adds so much more pain and drama to a red splat.

tortoise said...

I think there is a nice contrast in this animation between slow and fast.

A contrast between rushing and being deliberate. A subplot of seeing a context as competition or the completion of a task as an individual effort.

It's the 'tortoise and the hare' with more blood.