Terry here (for a change). Was just out shopping when I noticed THE IRON GIANT special edition was on sale pretty much everywhere for under $10. This reminded me that, in conversations with the class last year, I found out that the majority of the students I spoke to hadn’t seen this film – THE BEST ANIMATED FILM EVER MADE! I’m not normally one to inflict my opinions like this, but… if you haven’t seen this film, see it now while you’re on a break! Directed by Brad Bird (who went on to make THE INCREDIBLES and RATATOUILLE), this film boasts some of the most gorgeous and subtle performances that you’ll ever see, plus a brilliantly constructed narrative abnd some great gags. It’s pitch-perfect in every department. A few years ago, when I taught a Film Awareness subject, I would show this film religiously, and by the end there’d be not a dry eye in the room (mainly because I was in the corner blubbing). Great DVD too, particularly the Brad Bird commentary. Those of you who’ve seen it… am I right or am I right?


Ian said...

As much as I hate to admit it, he is right :)

This film re invigorated my love for animation towards the end of my stint at Disney. I was becomming very wiery. It is genious! Hardly a charactwer pose anywhere that isn't laced with meaning and significance. Sigh.

I have also been amazed to discover in recent conversations with student how many have not seen The Princes and the Cobler. The story was butchered by a cheep Canadian studio prior to its release. But you just have to sit through it for some of the most mind boggling and elaborate traditional animation ever made. Last time I saw it in a shop it was cheep as chips too.

Terry said...

Jeez, I didn't know that Ian liked this movie. Now it's somehow tarnished for me. ;)

frank said...

I've got my old, standard, Iron Giant DVD here and I'm reading the back of it. It's not the Special Edition, arrrgh!

This means I'll have to pull an extra shift at the salt mine to save a few coppers toward purchasing the Special Edition.

I seem to remember the Iron Giant featuring quite often in students' favourite clips in the Character Animation class in first semester 2007.

It's so humid today, I'm going to a cinema via a bargain DVD display this afternoon. I reckon all students should be filling these languid subtropical days with film field trips.

frank said...

I saw the Princess and the Cobbler while babysitting my niece. But I think it was a Barbie Movie version and I couldn't bear it, so drwoned myself in beer. (I didn't say I was a responsible babysitter). It was like a 90 minute long Dodo commercial without the live action interest.

Ian said...

Thats not the princess and the cobbler I mean.

There is a version on the net that has been re edited, back to how the original was suposed to be.

No silly narations or talking animals. It still has storyboard and linetest sections that the silly cheep studio never bothered to finish off, they were to bussy putting in songs ripped off from Aladin.

Anyway you can see it here on google video :)

Ian said...

oh and I'm very sorry you had to endure a Barbie movie. Even drunk that would be painful :)

Lisa said...

BEST MOVIE EVER! (the Iron Giant).

frank said...

Terry, I saw the Bee Movie (gave it a 'C') today on my quest to use my student concession card and see lots of movies. (see the review in the Forum). Beowulf in 3D? Maybe tomorrow.

While at the nausea inducing Cineplex I popped into the Big W and fought the hypnosis of the elevator music while searching through the DVD sale.

Best on offer was the 'Toy Story' duopoly and 'Ice Age 2'. I found no 'Iron Giant' and no 'Ratatouille', even though there was an advert for it.

I had my mits on 'Kill Bill' 1 & 2, 'Sin City' and 'Sabrina' (the Audrey Hepburn one), before I realised I had joined the mass suburban spending hypnosis and abandoned them near the Disney Princess back-to-school lunch boxes.

I also saw stuff like 'Prince of Egypt', 'Tarzan' and 'Emporer's New Groove'. I'm sure Ian said something about a 'making of' in one of those movies being a good one to get for students.

Needless to say I ran from the shopping mall screaming and shedding grey fur.

frank said...

'The Incredibles' was there but it was $26.

MattG said...

When The Iron Giant came out we went to see it at the cinema. the next day I told one of my buddies on line that he needed to go and see it, so much that I would mail him the cost of his ticket if he didn't like it. I never had to mail him the money. :)

It's a great animated movie for so many reasons, not the least of which is that it doesn't conform to the "standard" US animated movie formula. Yet even without an "I Want" moment or a love interest or a quest, you still get totally invested in the characters and the story. And the ending (or thinking about the ending) makes me cry every time.


KT said...

oh my god i just read soooooperman and i started bibbing up!

fully agree here, iron giant takes pride of place in paul and my animation collection!

and i'm going to take the opportunity to brag big time and say that i've managed to score the emperor's new groove, ULTIMATE grove edition (with a whole 2nd disc of special features, mostly catering to animators!!)... it was released out here a while ago, sold out and hasn't been on shelves for ages. ITS RARE!!! AND NOW I BRAG!!!!

And Terry and Ian I'm very disappoitned in you both for not replying to my christmas card address email. you scrooges!

Ian said...

If I didn't reply to you address emails then how come I have your Christmas card right here on my desk?!?!?!? Hmmmmmmmm.

Terry said...

Aw no! Sorry KT! I was in internet detox in December and missed a lot of emails. I do still love you though, and your hunky boy too.

Congrats on getting that EMPEROR'S 2-disc set... it excellent.

Frank, you shoulda got SIN CITY. And the TARZAN DVD has some great Glen Keane begind-the-scenes work on it.

frank said...

Just watched Iron Giant (again). I love summer hols with crap TV, allows reviewing of the DVD collection (watched Lady and the Tramp as well).

The scenes that particularly caught my eye were when the Giant bites the car and the horn won't turn off. I was particularly alert to it coz Ed Hooks focussed on it at his talk. He noted that the animators 'caught' 14 thoughts in a 10 second animation (go on, count them). Once that's pointed out one can see how brilliant it is.

Also the scene where the Giant crashes in the snow and thinks Hogarth is dead. Just take a look at how many thoughts go through his mind there. I think that bit gets me just a bit more than "Soooperman!".

KT said...

heh. well i feel sheepish!!

my humblest apologies ian! you are correct and i did send you a christmas card...

there were a few people who never replied to my email and for some reason my subconscious wanted to point the finger at you. nothing personal, blame my subconscious! hehe.

can you ever, EVER forgive me??!?!!

*puss in boots soppy wince*

KT said...

and terry, my hunky boy and i both love you too.

awwwwwwwww. so much love!

Ian said...

The scene where the Giant thinks Hogarth is dead is my favourite too.

I also love the scene where Hogarth has drunk too much coffee. I think I herd somewhere that Brad Bird animated that scene himself. I wonder how much time he finds for animating these days.

frank said...

He's actually only had one espresso, but as Dean says, "It's coffeezilla!".

There are so many gestures in that high speed repetoire. Contrasted against Dean who has had his coffee and is still slow moving (but amazingly, listening).

It's important not to watch too hard as, I think, its the rapidity of the timing that tells the story. The gestures are great but so fast they register in a more subconcious level?