The Fly

Well its time for me to take a break over Christmas and New Years. I'll leave you with a link to the Oscar winning short The Fly by Ferenc Rofusz. There is also this article about Ferenc on the Daazo web site, at the bottom of the article there are links to 5 of his films.

Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Years everyone and I'll see you again in January.


Lisa said...

merry christmas Ian!

Sam said...

You can't take a break, the internet never sleeps!

Frank said...

Hey Ian. Merry Christmas.

This Blog has been fantastic for me as a first year animator.

But before you go (just like when you're trying to catch the 4:10 from South Brisbane), there is another AnimationMentor eCritique up at the 11 second club.

It's by Jason Schleifer from Dream Works.

Maybe we could all be left with a bit off 11 second club homework for Christmas?

Cat's Away said...

The Fly film probably inspired modern day real estate fly-throughs. The only way I can see it being made is rotoscoping over film shot with a distorting lens. But the camera work would be quite physically challenging. A really good animation viewing experience. The soundtrack was quite emotive and empathetic.