AnimationMentor eCritique

Has Ian gone?

I heard the studio door close and the Pintara fire up.


Hi, animation apprentice here... remember Mickey and the mop bucket?

Anyhow this is a post about the 11SecondClub, who get an animation mentor to critique someone's work.

I never heard of 'eye darts' before. They're not a ninja weapon, but an animator's weapon for subliminal mind control of the audience.

Jason Schleifer lets the secret out. Just one of many good animation tips for your armoury.

You should watch it and comment on this post down below. Consider completing the 11 second challenge while you're there.

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Ian said...

Who was that masked Poster?!?!?!

I know it was mild mannered first year going on second studsent Frank!

I've let him loose with the power to post. Who knows what he'll get up to now. :)