The Mask

The Zune ads have been a treat to watch this year, and this latest is no exception. All class.


Frank said...

Yeah. nice story. gets cut off b4 the end (like the arm & leg). So what happens?

And there's some of that slow mo' jumping fighting stuff.

It seemed to work. Here's why I think why: Personal experience = empathy engaged by animation.

I noticed time perception slow down in the 2 major car accidents I've been through. So I guess it would happen if someone's chopping off an appendage.

Bad news, that slow time thing, if you're the victim of a shark attack, though.

Maths to scare off the animators: FUN + TIME = 1/ 3(TIME)

Dan said...

Beautiful, I love it, I can stop watching this film over and over again, the music and the marching thing at the start sync so well together give me the chills. And Yeah I agree with Frank I had the same slow mode cheat when I hit a telegraph pole, slow mo didnt help the situation tho.